iDemocracy is a non-governmental public research and educational organization.

iDemocracy was created to be a center of expert opinion and public attention to the development of democratic and religious freedoms in Ukraine, to study the issues of public life security in all aspects of civil society and to counteract the spread of misinformation and propaganda.

To achieve this goal, we involve leading scientists, sociologists, experts, study the experience of developed countries and offer modern approaches to solving pressing social issues.

The mission

The mission of the Institute is to establish democratic values, legal society by way of influencing the formation of the public policy agenda, governmental activities, information channels, the education system.

We will always be happy to provide you with comprehensive information on the conclusions and results of research, to tell about new initiatives of our Institute, to provide an expert assessment of current issues of public life.

The goal of the Institute is:

  1. study of processes in Ukrainian society;

  2. scientific, organizational and informational assistance to the authorities, public organizations and citizens in carrying out activities that will promote the development of democratic and religious freedoms in the state;

  3. research and adaptation of foreign experience in democracy matters, security and counteraction to propaganda, as well as disinformation to Ukrainian environment.

Main objectives of the Institute:

  • Scientific substantiation, analysis, assessment of civil society problems and forecasting its transformation in Ukraine.
  • Identification of factors hindering the development of democratic and religious freedoms in Ukraine and their impact on the socio-economic and political development of the state, local self-government and protection of human rights.
  • Research of the impact, role and place of public organizations in the political, economic, social, religious spheres of Ukrainian society.
  • Study of peculiar features in terms of formation, transformation, spread and influence of radical ideologies and ideas in Ukraine. Research of interaction and mutual influence between unacceptable and acceptable program directions.
  • Sociological research on how the society and its separate layers perceive democratic reforms and react to government actions in this regard.
  • Monitoring and conducting interviews and surveys in order to study the impact of disinformation and propaganda on the media in different regions.
  • Analysis of the legal framework and analytical support of bills aimed at strengthening democratic and religious freedoms in Ukraine.
  • Holding international, national, regional theoretical and scientific and practical conferences, seminars, thematic round tables on the development of democracy in Ukraine.
  • Provision of information and consulting services on the development of democratic and religious freedoms in Ukraine, security of civil society and combating propaganda and misinformation a non-profit basis for NGOs, state and local authorities, law enforcement agencies.
  • Improvement of the educational process in higher educational institutions in social sciences and humanities.
  • Participation in the creation of media projects on the development of democracy in Ukraine.
  • Cooperation with international and foreign institutions and organizations in order to implement joint projects on the study and establishment of democratic processes in Ukraine, implement joint actions for the development of civil society in Ukraine and the strengthening of civil and religious freedoms.
  • Research of the problem of the influence of external propaganda and misinformation. Identifying ways to block channels and methods of such political behavior.
  • Analysis of international practices, projects to prevent the spread of propaganda and misinformation.

Democracy is the only choice on the way to building a civil society

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Completeness and Accuracy

Completeness and Accuracy



Openness and Interaction

Openness and Interaction

Our team

Founder and CEO of iDemocracy.

He promotes ideas of democracy, transparency, civil society, that became a strong trigger for him and his team to join the democratic process in order to build a free, secure, democratic, prosperous Ukraine engaging by support of US and EU.

Sergii Vlashchenko founded iDemocracy in order to promote democracy, transparency and civil society. He has a diploma of international law from Kiev International Institute and studied Polling in Duke University, North Carolina.

Director of Human Rights Initiavite.
Ombudsman for Children with the President of Ukraine (2014-2021).

President of International Charitable Organization «Child Rescue». He created a network of centers for street children and orphans and effective model of providing them support and rehabilitation.

He initiated the development of policies to ensure the safety of children, combat bullying, protect children in cyberspace from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Sociologist at iDemocracy.

Expert, electoral sociologist and Implementation Specialist engaged in sociological developments in national and local election companies.

Over 15 years of sociological activity, about 130 quantitative and qualitative sociological studies have been conducted.

For 19 years, he has been teaching sociological and political technology disciplines at leading Ukrainian universities.

Managing Editor at iDemocracy.

Tamara Cherkasova has been working in the media for over 10 years.

She was previously the editor-in-chief at the “Styler” project of the RBC-Ukraine and at the Higher School of Communications.

Besides, Tamara has served as a writer for many Ukrainian mass media.

Political observer at iDemocracy.

Political scientist and media expert with 5 years of experience.

Vladyslav took part in elaborating media and PR strategies for many high-profile Ukrainian politicians.

He also managed the media in 3 successful elections campaigns.

Senior Fellow at iDemocracy.

Journalist, correspondent, content manager.

Over 3 years of experience in the media.

Interviews with lawyers, politicians, Ukrainian and International celebrities.

Social researcher at iDemocracy.

Over 25 years of experience in data analysis of social, political and market researches as a member of academic institutions and different commercial organizations.

Fellow of the Department of Research within the Faculty of Sociology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Sociologist at iDemocracy.

Hryhoriy Diatlov supported field phases of marketing and sociological surveys in such countries as Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekystan, Tajikistan, Latvia, and Estonia.

He has 5 years of continued experience in the sphere of electoral sociology and marketing research. Hryhoriy is a Master in sociology.

We are in touch

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