Development of democracy and active civil society in Ukraine.
Promotion of European integration processes.

According to Freedom House’s annual analytical report for 2021, Ukraine was classified as a «partially free country» in terms of its level of democratic freedoms development.

A vulnerable point for Ukrainian democracy is the lack of the rule of law and equality of all citizens before the law.

There is a deficit of democracy in Ukraine due to the weakness, social apathy and indifference (society does not respond to violations of rights and restrictions of freedoms) in civil society.

An important component for establishing a stable democracy in a country is a developed civil society.

An effective dialogue with the authorities and an increase in the institutional capacity of public associations will significantly enhance their influence on legislative reforms in the field of democratization and protection of human rights in Ukraine.

The development of civil society is a prerequisite for the state’s integration into European society.

The New Europe Center, in partnership with the Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, explored which areas of Ukraine have made the most progress towards European integration. Based on 34 indicators in eight spheres, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Sumy and Volyn regions are in the top five in terms of European integration.

In other words, the desire for European integration is inherent in different regions of Ukraine, which indicates the need to focus on cooperation between the authorities and civil society of Ukraine with Western partners.

Countering human trafficking in Ukraine: tendencies and challenges

Human trafficking is a phenomenon still existing in the modern world. It encompasses the use of force, coercion, fraud, taking advantage of people’s vulnerable position in order to exploit them. In addition, it is a severe violation of human rights and freedoms that is subject to criminal liability. That is why questions arise about the scope of this phenomenon in Ukraine and barriers on the way of dealing with it.

Representatives of iDemocracy: Only by raising actual problems, we can move away from political expediency of tackling human trafficking

Nowadays one of the most dishonourable phenomenon still existing in the modern world is human trafficking. This phenomenon violates human rights, humiliates a person's honour and dignity. Every year millions of people all over the world who search for better life get in slave trade. According to estimates by the International Center for the Prevention of Crime, annual financial flow of this transnational crime comprises $30 bln. It makes human trafficking the second largest source of сriminal business in the world.

NGO iDemocracy will join the discussion of tendencies on countering human trafficking and the ways on how to deal with this phenomenon in Ukraine

In order to increase public awareness of human trafficking, update this issue and familiarize with current global trends in the fight against this phenomenon and to define the problem solutions in Ukraine, a round table «Combating Trafficking in Human Beings. International experience and current trends» will be held by the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Law Enforcement.

Микола Кулеба: Для добробуту усиновленої дитини та її батьків в Україні потрібно запровадити державну програму для майбутніх усиновлювачів

Безперечно, усиновлення – це досить складний процес, через який проходять багато українських та іноземних сімей. За офіційними даними, станом на 1 вересня 2021 року в Україні відбулося 712 усиновлень українцями, 199 – іноземцями, а 1095 кандидатів ще стоять у черзі на усиновлення. При цьому варто відзначити зменшення кількості усиновлень за час пандемії.