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Does Ukraine have a security strategy?

Does Ukraine have a security strategy?

Sometimes banal and hackneyed things are correct. No matter how annoying they may seem. And it is better to repeat the same thing "one hundred hundred" times than to lose everything – sovereignty, the State, Human Rights and freedoms.

And now the main challenge to our security is the war with Russia. Choosing a new government two years ago, many Ukrainians pinned their hopes on the end of the war. On the fact that the change of presidents in the country will change the state of affairs.

But often we live in illusions, strategies of views that are imposed on us by political strategists, social networks and "talking heads" from TV. And we want to believe that a check mark in the Bulletin can end the fighting in the East. That one person, even the president, can solve all issues at the same time. I must say that even during the presidential election campaign, none of the candidates said – oh no, this is not the sphere of my preferences, or – it does not depend on me. They tried to meet the aspirations of Ukrainians. It is indicative – in addition to the fact that these aspirations are independently determined.

But the new government studied for two years. For quite a long period of time, she tried to look "Putin in the eye", to find common ground. Often at the same time stepping over the "red lines" - sometimes introducing an advisory council, then signing a document on stopping shelling, where the JCCC is a mediator - a structure that does not include "that side" (or more precisely, representatives of the LDNR have self-appointed themselves there). The authorities ignored the shelling to withdraw troops. And the authorities continued to seek meetings with Putin for the sake of the meeting itself. But at the same time, the only thing that the authorities have realized over the years is that Moscow will not make concessions. And that threats from the Kremlin are no longer coming from outside, but from within.

Mistakes teach. And more often they teach not mistakes, but the street that did not allow you to cross the "red lines". Ukrainian passionaries taught the president to be president. They did not place all responsibility on Bankova Street, but understood that it was on every citizen.

And even today, we continue to live in constructs where the activities of the authorities depend on public opinion. There is still no work ahead of schedule. No one works with the views of Ukrainians – and apart from banal phrases about "peaceful integration" - no one offers a real scheme to resolve the conflict. Therefore, we do not have clear views among the population "what to do with the Donbass". Therefore, there is no clear vision.

There is no systematic work with public opinion on enemy territory. And of course-there is no understanding of what is next. Often we just react-we respond to stimuli. And our Ukrainian "schemes" of work are ordinary one – way projects. And even now, we are waiting for the meeting between the newly elected US President Biden and the Russian "Tsar" Putin. And what they will decide about Ukraine.

Yes, we have some formal strategies. But they are just letters on paper. There is no indication of what Ukraine will do next. We took a wait-and-see attitude. And we sit in it-hoping that Putin will leave, that a revolution will take place in Russia. That Moscow itself will agree to "merge" the Donbass and Crimea back. But this will not happen – it will not happen until we start taking the initiative ourselves. Until then, our strategies will no longer be beautiful PR campaigns, requests for help, and the need to respond to requests. And they will really become strategies-where we will form questions, where there will be a multi-pass, and where the enemy will have to answer.

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