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EU sanctions are painful for Russia, but do not change its behavior

EU sanctions are painful for Russia, but do not change its behavior

European Union sanctions against Russia over the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of part of the Donbas are probably painful for it, but they do not significantly change its behavior towards Ukraine. This is how expert Viktor Skarshevsky commented for iDemocracy on the news that the EU has extended the ban on investment in Crimea for another year.

According to him, to analyze the extension of the ban, it is necessary to look at the past seven years and the change in the EU's position on the peninsula and other issues.

As we can see, no sanctions that were imposed on Crimea or Donbas have worked. They were designed to change something, but nothing changes. Perhaps these sanctions are painful for Russia, but they do not change its behavior at all
– the expert noted.

Skarshevsky noted that Russia is quite difficult to stop, because The EU is already completing the construction of Nord Stream 2 and gas transit from Russia to Europe may even begin this year.

It is worth remembering that the EU will not do anything for Ukraine. Therefore, we need to change our position and vision regarding what we can do on our own
– he said.

The expert believes that the Ukrainian government needs to stimulate the development of the economy and create new jobs.

The authorities don't have to wait for all the problems to be solved for us. Perhaps it would be great if we just didn't do anything, and our problems were solved by themselves, but this, unfortunately, will not happen. We are face to face with ourselves. And all our troubles are caused by the fact that our authorities do not realize this
Viktor Skarshevsky stated.
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