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Ukraine has a number of options for maintaining energy security

Ukraine has a number of options for maintaining energy security

Over the past 2-2.5 weeks, a number of Public ideas have been voiced in Ukraine on how to guarantee energy and national security, which is unbalanced by the launch of "North Stream -2", which options are being promoted by the Ukrainian authorities, and which have been made public, but do not have such effectiveness.

This was stated for iDemocracy by political analyst Bohdan Bondarenko.

He said that Biden, before meeting with Putin, plans to meet with Merkel to discuss providing security guarantees to Ukraine related to the launch of Russian transit.

First, there are questions related to the fact that Germany, either through us or through the Russians, most likely, will not buy energy. The question will be whether certain transit capacities of our GTS will be contracted at all for all EU countries. This is a detail, it is not key, but it matters. For many countries, this is important, because they still have a problem with the need to get more energy. What are our offers? Look, in the public space it was said that the Americans and Germans, in particular, even before the meeting with Putin, would independently discuss the issue of NS-2 in the context of providing security guarantees to Ukraine. As far as I remember, the meeting should take place with foreign ministers and heads of State departments
– the expert said.

Bondarenko noted that recently there have been "many ideas" on how to prevent the energy crisis in Ukraine.

Therefore, there may be some preliminary negotiations on what will happen in Ukraine, what actions to implement, and options for basic positions determined at Biden's meeting with Putin. Recently, literally 2-2.5 weeks, a number of Public ideas have been heard. Starting from the most unrealistic – stopping the NS-2 project. The second idea was really about the need to load the Ukrainian GTS. The third is related to the entry of foreign capital into the Ukrainian GTS, probably German or American
– the political scientist stressed.

According to him, what position will be chosen during the meeting of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with US President Joe Biden is still unknown, but the most profitable option for our country is contracted gas transit. The expert said that this option will provide us with protection from Russian aggression and guarantee support from Europe.

We don't know exactly what proposal the OP will be dealing with in Washington. The most predictable and calm option for us is that gas transit will be contracted in Ukraine. There was a statement by Peskov that Russia is still considering continuing transit through the Ukrainian GTS. This is probably the most promising thing for negotiations. Yes, we want a contract, and we want it for a long time. Price, as I understand it, is not a key issue for Russia, volumes are important. But in what way? For example, if a certain amount is documented, but it was less, then Russians will pay money. Therefore, based on all of the above, the second option is possible, but the main thing is that it removes the problem of NS – 2 for us in terms of security, from a financial point of view it depends on the volume
Bogdan Bondarenko stated.
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