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The EU remains committed to supporting the sovereignty of the Eastern Partnership countries

The EU remains committed to supporting the sovereignty of the Eastern Partnership countries

On December 15, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi took part in the 6th Eastern Partnership Summit held in Brussels. One of the key topics was the situation near Ukraine's borders and the threat of Russian escalation.

The event was chaired by the President of the European Council Charles Michel and brought together the leaders of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia.

iDemocracy informs so with the reference to the final declaration of the Eastern Partnership summit, which was published on the European Council's website, the summit reaffirmed their common concern about the violation of these principles in many Eastern Partnership regions and called for a peaceful conflict solution based on international law.

As a result of the event, two key final documents of the summit were released: a joint declaration and joint statement by the leaders of the Associated Trio (Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova).

"The European Union remains committed to upholding the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all the Eastern Partners within its internationally recognized borders, in accordance with the goals and principles set out in the UN Charter, the 1975 Helsinki Final Act and the 1990 Paris Charter, which are fundamental to our common a vision of a peaceful and indivisible Europe",
– the declaration reads.

At the same time, the text of the declaration emphasizes that only peaceful resolution of conflicts, building trust and good neighborly relations are important factors for economic and social development and cooperation.

Previously, iDemocracy economic analyst Viktor Skarshevsky expressed concern about Russia's behavior toward Ukraine.

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