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Transnational repressions are spreading around the world

Transnational repressions are spreading around the world

Transnational repressions are cases when governments resort to detentions, assassination attempts, physical intimidation against dissidents who live in other countries. These activities are becoming a common phenomenon.

iDemocracy informs so with the reference to the “Out of Sight, Not Out of Reach”

«For millions of people around the world, transnational repression has become not an exceptional tool, but a common and institutionalized practice used by dozens of regimes to control people outside their borders. Freedom House’s research shows»,
–the report reads.

In general the publication includes 608 cases of physical transnational repressions since 2014. It is noted that the report contains 79 countries where transnational repressions against people from other countries have been committed.

In order to counter this phenomenon Freedom House recommends imposing targeted sanctions on those countries that resort to serious human rights violations through transnational repression. “Magnitsky Act” is one of such sanction mechanism. It represents a US law containing a list of persons involved in fraud, persecution and human rights violations. The Act provides travel bans and freezing of assets for serious violations of human rights.

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