In order to promote and protect the national interests of Ukraine on the international arena it’s a very important to prioritize the foreign policy goals and to define the ways of approaching them.

A comprehensive approach and research of the current world trends, challenges can be of a great help in order to develop political and diplomatic tends. Taking into account that for a long time there have been no clearly outlined and articulated priorities of Ukraine’s foreign policy, apart from its European and Euro-Atlantic integration, it is obligatory to define them in a systematic and comprehensive manner to find out:

  • the key countries for the partnership,
  • the challenges that require a particular attention of the state,
  • decision-makers responsible for policy development and its implementation.

The European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine and its efforts to become part of a common security, economic, social and legal space with other democratic countries is highly supported as US and EU would like to see Ukraine as a secure, democratic, prosperous, and free country.

This European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes will help to expand international support for Ukraine on such issues as countering Russian aggression, accelerating reforms, transforming partnerships into alliances, and upgrading the strategic partnership to the level of mutual beneficial cooperation. In order to succeed in the political and economic sphere Ukraine needs to clearly define the arsenal of its economic and diplomatic instruments and the appropriate sectors for their application.

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