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Mykola Kuleba: Commercial surrogate motherhood is a legalized trafficking in persons that should be banned in Ukraine

Mykola Kuleba: Commercial surrogate motherhood is a legalized trafficking in persons that should be banned in Ukraine

Recently a piece of news that Kyiv and Kharkiv fertility specialists made a scheme of “delivering” babies to foreigners has shocked all of Ukraine. They tried to pass off human trafficking as an activity within surrogate motherhood program.

“The UN equated commercial surrogate motherhood to human trafficking back in 2018. I have also reiterated that this format of surrogacy was more like human trafficking. That is why today, in the World Day Against Trafficking in Person, we raise this hard and sensitive issue”
stated iDemocracy Director of Human Rights Initiative Mykola Kuleba.

Unfortunately trafficking in children is not a one-time event in our country. For the last couple of years Ukraine has transformed into a “paradise of commercial surrogate motherhood” for foreigners. This resulted in scandals related to child rights violations popping out all over. Here is a short list of crimes committed against children for the past few years: a child was sold abroad under the cover of surrogate motherhood and fake marriages; a disabled child was abandoned by its biological parents; 51 babies were left without parents at “Venice” hotel in Kyiv during the COVID-19 quarantine, etc.

“Let’s reсall a story when a surrogate mother bore a child for a Spanish pediatrician convicted of sexual crimes, particularly of raping commited against 52 children or a story when a French couple carried a baby in a trunk”
the public activist added.

The human rights champion is concerned that, according to experts’ estimates, surrogate mothers in Ukraine bear at least a thousand babies and 90% of them are delivered for foreigners.

“Foreigners turned their attention to our country after governments of India, Nepal, Mexico and Thailand had banned commercial surrogate motherhood in their countries because of massive exploitation of women from poor families. Ukraine has met the same fate now”
Mykola Kuleba explained.

Children’s rights are constantly violated because of surrogate motherhood as customer parents resort to illegal actions in order to have a baby.

“Surrogate motherhood is prohibited in a majority of developed countries because states see it as child rights violations. A child is not a commodity. Surrogate motherhood is banned in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, France and in some US states. It’s high time for Ukraine to enter this list”
summarized Mykola Kuleba.
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