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Mykola Kuleba took part at an International summit in Washington on behalf of iDemocracy

Mykola Kuleba took part at an International summit in Washington on behalf of iDemocracy

Director of Human Rights Initiative at a non-governmental organization iDemocracy Mykola Kuleba visited Washington where he took part at an International Religious Freedom Summit.

The International Religious Freedom Summit 2021 encompassed meetings with members of the US Congress, senators and social activists. In the course of such activities Mr Mykola Kuleba discussed issues related to religious freedom in Ukraine. In particular, a separate and quite acute issue was the limitation of the freedom of religion on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts).

In addition, the most common violations of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine were also discussed. Currently a pressing issue is the poverty and decline of Ukrainian population.

«During meetings it was a pity to hear that, for instance, Ukraine is ranked 127 in an index of economic freedom, i.e. between Djibouti and Mauritania. The situation with life expectancy at birth is even worse. According to the CIA, we are at 149th place, lower than Syria and near Iraq and Venezuela! These indicators are directly related to human rights issues. These are problems with the accessibility of livelihood for millions of Ukrainian families, of adequate medical services and social welfare provision that do not give an opportunity to satisfy one’s basic needs. All of these things bear witness of massive violations of human rights in Ukraine», the thematic director of iDemocracy highlighted.

Mykola Kuleba and Western partners have agreed about cooperation in solving the most pressing issues.

Mykola Kuleba
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