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Mykola Kuleba: Ukrainians still believe in their country’s future - displayed the results of Ukrainian Independence

Mykola Kuleba: Ukrainians still believe in their country’s future - displayed   the results of Ukrainian Independence

On the 24th August Ukraine celebrated its 30th Independence anniversary. Since 1991 the country has witnessed impoverishment by more than one-third and the birth level has declined by 50%. However Ukrainians still believe in the future of their country.

Despite statistics Ukraine has all the chances to turn into a successful European country, iDemocracy Director of Human Rights Initiative Mykola Kuleba believes.

«Let us look at Ukraine through the prism of numbers. According to the World Bank, since gaining Independence the real GDP has declined by 36%. It means since 1991 Ukraine has impoverished by more than one-third. These numbers show not only the low level of economy but particularly parents’ inability to adequately meet child’s basic need such as providing for them quality food, clothing and medical care. Consequently, children population since 1991 has shortened more than twice (in 1991 there was 630,8 thousand children and in 2020 there was 293,4 thousand children)»
– the human rights activist noted.

It is certainly high time to realize that 30% of small Ukrainians go to school while having chronic diseases. Each fifth child of school age feels financial discrimination and each third pupil was not able to participate any school event because of a lack of money during the last year.

«Majority of Ukrainians do not believe they will have enough energy, financial resources and motivation to raise children. The occupation of Crimea, war in Donbas, Ukraine’s unstable political and economic conditions affect our citizens’ desire to have children. Economic insecurity discourages Ukrainians to have kids in their own country. I appeal to the Government and the Office of the President of Ukraine to elaborate an action plan immediately in order to fix the situation and make Ukraine a country where everyone has a desire to have and raise children. The authorities should understand that simple newborn supplement payments are not enough to stimulate the birth-rate. There is a need to develop some real opportunities to ensure citizens’ stable economic growth and give them confidence in their future. Afterwards more young people will associate their future with Ukraine, give birth and raise children in their own country»
– iDemocracy Director of Human Rights Initiative stressed.

Despite all the bad indicators, ratings and anti-ratings our young country with a good potential still has chances to become successful and attractive to its own citizens.

«According to the poll conducted by the sociological group “Raiting” , Ukrainians believe in their future: 44% of Ukrainians hope that Ukraine will be at the top, 34% hope Ukraine will be at medium positions and only 18% have a lack of hope for the country’s future. We have our numbers and history in order to take lessons and correct our mistakes so that we can start to develop as a nation!»
– Mykola Kuleba summarized.
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