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On behalf of iDemocracy Mykola Kuleba met the Heritage Foundation and US senator

On behalf of iDemocracy Mykola Kuleba met the Heritage Foundation and US senator

While his visit to the United States, Director of Human Rights Initiative at iDemocracy Mykola Kuleba met US senator James Lankford of Oklahoma and Bridget Wagner, one of the leaders of The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank working on a wide range of US national policy issues.

The Heritage Foundation has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best think tanks in the world. Heritage works on a wide range of issues, starting from economics and international relations to health and cultural issues, including marriage and the family issues. Its activities are based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government intervention in public life, personal freedoms, traditional American values, and strong national defense.

In 2017–2019 The 2020 the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report published by the University of Pennsylvania ranked Heritage #1 for the best think tank for «Most significant impact on public policy», and in 2020 — for «Best use of Social media networks» and in 2018–2020 — «for Best use of the Internet».

«About 1.5 million children in Ukraine face difficult life circumstances and live below the poverty line. Moreover, 91.5 thousand children are brought up in boarding schools»
- Mykola Kuleba mentioned to B.Wagner.

The Director of Human Rights Initiative also noted that in the years since Ukraine’s independence, the child population decreased from 13.6 million to 7.1 million.

As well noted, Bridget Wagner is the concern person the child protection issue should be discussed with. After all, B. Wagner is the vice President for Policy Promotion at The Heritage Foundation, and oversees the Center for Leadership Development and Youth Leaders Program. Her activities are aimed at disseminating conservative principles, policies and public ideas.

Mykola Kuleba and James Lankford discussed Ukraine’s national security issues, as US senator of Oklahoma and Republican Party representative considers our country as an ally of the United States.

«The well-being of Ukrainian children directly depends on the security of Ukraine. It is the reason why we are discussing not only the living conditions of young Ukrainians, but also external threats to our national security.»
- Mykola Kuleba summed up.
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