Protection of religious freedoms of citizens of Ukraine

The Constitution of Ukraine provides for freedom of religion. By law, the government may restrict this right only in the interests of «protection of public order, health and morals of the population or protection of the rights and freedoms of others." The constitution provides for the «separation of church and religious organizations from the state» and that «no religion should be recognized by the state as obligatory».

By law, the purpose of religious policy is to «restore a full-fledged dialogue between members of different social, ethnic, cultural and religious groups in order to promote a tolerant society and to ensure freedom of conscience and religious freedom.»

At present, foreign missions continue to actively use social networks to support religious freedom in Ukraine. In particular, the US Embassy regularly supports religious freedom by responding through social networks to anti-Semitic incidents across the country and to the systematic ill-treatment of religious minorities in Crimea and Russian-controlled regions in eastern Ukraine.

The experience of legislative regulation of religious freedoms in the United States should logically be implemented in Ukraine as one that will guarantee the observance of the religious communities' rights and the preservation of the religious identity of all religious communities represented in the state.

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