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Why will Ukrainian orphanages not be orphaned soon?

Why will Ukrainian orphanages not be orphaned soon?

According to the Ministry of social policy, there are approximately 1,1 thousand families and lone Ukrainian citizens who want to adopt a child and have the status of a prospective adopter. At the same time, more than 17 thousand children, who can be adopted, are waiting for their family.

Adoption rates show that Ukrainian orphanages will not be“orphaned” soon. For instance, according to official data, 2047 Ukrainian children found a family in 2020 and 1890 of them were adopted by Ukrainians. It is a positive indicator for our country as it is almost 30% higher than in previous years. The statistics show that the peak of adoption was during 2003-2005 and a new increase began in 2019.

Why are so many children left in orphanages? The reason is that a vast majority of parents wants to adopt a child who is under 5 years old. Such kids comprise 10% of those who live in orphanages. However, foreigners have an opportunity to adopt a child in Ukraine that influences the adoption statistics in a positive way.

However, our indicators are still low compared with other countries. It shows the ineffectiveness of adoption programs. For example, there are some non-governmental organizations in the USA that help with adaptation of children in adoptive families. In addition, there are special centers of social assistance that analyse children’s behaviour after adoption.

Germany has a practise of thorough interviews before granting permission for adoption. The level of income is not the most important requirement of social workers in this country. Residents’ readiness to adopt is more important. In addition, Germany has an age threshold that recommends not to adopt a child if a person is more than 40 years old. However this threshold does not limit this opportunity.

The Ukrainian government should apply the experience of European countries and the USA and develop some programs of social assistance for adoptive parents as well as programs on the development of social relations and encouragement to adoption.

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